About us

Welcome to Doublybuy

Doublybuy.com is an e-commerce start-up company positioning itself to become the market leader in offering online merchants and consumers a uniform and trouble-free way to return merchandise purchased online. In February 2017, Vikas Kumar and Devendra Soni started the company doublybuy.com to make it India’s start-up company. Providing services, streamlining the entire return process for retailers. They allow retailers to outsource a large part of their business, allowing the retailer to concentrate on their core competencies and not get distracted with activities that add little value. Increase customer service of the retailer, increase sales opportunities, increase revenues, and improve inventory management. Customers will benefit by having a convenient, easy way to return their purchases as well as the ability to track their returns. Doublybuy.com is the shopping destination for Internet users across and outside the country. The ultimate benefit of the program is that it enhances the overall image of the online merchant. Consumers demand not only convenience but a peace of mind. The proposed program offers both, and it will increase the number of online shoppers, thus causing a market expansion for online merchants. Once embraced by the majority of retailers, the program will become an industry standard.

Keys to Success

In order for the company to operate, a number of specific ingredients are needed. Following are things to put in place before the service can be offered.

1. Develop a customer service & customer satisfaction:

• Match appropriate return procedures against the returning item.

• Present procedures to the consumer in the most concise format.

• Provide reference to the merchant's entire return policies if requested.

• Inform the merchant of the entire transaction as it occurs.

• Gain authorization from the merchant to return merchandise if needed.

• Maintain a record of the transactions for the company's own database.

2. Develop successful relationships with online merchants to facilitate exchange of information.

3. Develop strategic alliances with online merchants, shipping companies, and credit card issuers to negotiate reduction or elimination of the shipping costs to consumers on returned merchandise.

4. Design, maintain, and promote a user-friendly website, the corporate trademark, that offers an easy and trouble-free merchandise return procedure for consumers.


Our mission is to enhance customer service of online merchants, boost their customer retention and increase their sales. We strive to improve the overall image of the online merchant and therefore stimulate growth of online shopping. We put our efforts to increase customer satisfaction when consumers deal with retailers, to enhance the interaction process when retailers communicate with consumers, and to streamline the problem resolution order in all possible ways.